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30th December 2007

toilet_grubber12:24pm: I' m the toilet grubber as you know, and I'm interested in a elegeant raunchy toilet, any sellers?

14th May 2007

unnatural_lump4:45pm: Why don't we all...
Why don't we all take photographs of our own toilets, to share with the community?

Here's my pride and joy:
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10th July 2006

fishbite4:43pm: hello
this is probably one of the most beautiful things i've watched in a while:

and come on people, let's post some more. this is dying! i don't want this to die!

6th January 2006

headclub6:00pm: Male Shitting Habits

21st October 2005

verwolf12:59pm: are you shy?
men WC

5th August 2005

verwolf1:38pm: Be Aware!

taken from libo_ru

26th June 2005

janesbathrooms10:30pm: Hot and thristy...
2 Bathrooms from 2 Starbucks this weekend...

This one is from Annapolis... Friday night...(Notice- 2 paper rolls! fancy...hehheeee!)

These are from Cockeysville... On Saturday (Super Orange! Yikes!)
Current Mood: amused

17th June 2005

janesbathrooms4:00pm: Hello!!!
I am new here- I just joined! I take bathroom photos- I have been doing so since about 2003. I love toilets too...
Current Mood: creative

31st May 2005

pbsd12:51am: This is the sweetest spiffiest and most brilliant community I've had the (mis)fortune to come across!

I've had such a hard time comvincing people of the beauty of toilets.
Usually they pretend to not hear and keep going on about spoons.

It's great to finally find people who share my toilet love.

30th August 2004

yobadself11:40pm: Purple Fecal Eater
Here's a photomanip I did of my throne...

27th August 2004

singolare1:12pm: Water Babes
My work for the Tel-Aviv museum's exibition (2001)

117 kb

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7th August 2004

purplepoop8:46pm: If I sat on a wooden toilet seat could I get splinters in my butt?
Current Mood: contemplative

2nd August 2004

pet_virus5:41pm: dirty toilet

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16th July 2004

cannibol12:47am: john brown
with a name like that he was just asking to join my icons series...

only my highest icons get painted on toilet seats.Collapse )

12th July 2004

verwolf4:21pm: Invisible

7th June 2004


27th May 2004

verwolf3:00pm: Cucumber accident

13th April 2004

cannibol10:18pm: virgin of guadelupe
the latest pooper lid, it might help to call the spirits if you are constipated.

6th April 2004

oingoboogie7:37pm: out ov the water closet
crossed posted fer sure

i am puttin to-geher a zine about bathroom issues...
it's called out ov the water closet...
lots ov issues will be in dare...
gray water/buket flush...
nasty bottled water companies...
vergin trees for toliet paper (the alternatives)..
squatting to poop...
alternatives to tampons and maxi pads
compost toliets/humanure...
trans gender folks in public gender specific toliets...

and what do you want in dare?

you can submit stuff through email or
snail style (i loves mail)

trinity cross
p.o. box 2710
berkeley ca 94702

this will be put together in 2 weeks so hurry now
must get it all togther before i am off to do a water bike circus great lakes baby!! wa hoo...

pass on this info to anyone who may be intreseted
Current Mood: nerdy

24th March 2004

singolare11:54am: Man Ray. Toilets. 1929
Иллюстрация к статье:


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